2024 Honda Prologue Preview


A prologue is simply an introduction of what’s to come. It sets the scene and builds the anticipation of what follows. Knowing that, Honda has picked the perfect name to start off its quest to offer a 100% 0-emission lineup in North America by 2040.

As its name suggests, the 2024 Honda Prologue is just the start of what’s to come from Honda in terms of electrically powered vehicles. This one, in particular, is set to offer a lot for our drivers from Cerritos and Irvine to San Diego and Huntington Beach, California, on top of its eco-friendly performance.

To give you a first glance at the 2024 Prologue, our Norm Reeves Superstore team shares with you what you know so far about this electric model.

Honda Electric Vehicles: A Look at the Past

Before we fully dive into the new electrified era that Honda is set to embark on, we first wanted to go over the history of Honda and its commitment to offering eco-conscious vehicles.

Honda has a long history of electrifying the roadways, and it all started back in the late 1990s. That was when they first introduced the EV Plus electric vehicle. From there, they only built upon their reputation for providing efficient, eco-friendly vehicles for drivers.

In 1999, they came out with America’s first hybrid, the Honda Insight. It was also Honda that introduced the industry’s first fuel cell vehicle, which generates electric power from hydrogen, with the Honda FCX that hit the roads in 2002.

From there, they have continued to offer hybrid configurations to many of the popular models giving drivers even more choices when looking for a fuel-efficient ride. Fast forward to the present, they are now set to offer the Honda Prologue, which will be the first model within their series of new volume battery-electric vehicles.

Meeting Drivers Requirements

Why get the 2024 Honda Prologue? It comes down to a couple of simple facts. While we don’t yet have the specs and list of features it is set to include, we do know two things. We know that the Prologue is an SUV and it also that it will be powered fully by electric power generated from its battery.

That tells us you will get both a practical ride and one that fits seamlessly into the changing landscapes of the automotive world. As cars shift to alternative energies to propel forward, the Prologue is set to help you continue to get where you need to go in a more sustainable way.

Beyond the environmental benefits, this also means you won’t need to worry about various routine maintenance for your car. Since there is no gas-powered engine, there will be no need to change the oil anymore.

Lastly, the Honda Prologue balances the benefits of having an electric vehicle without making you sacrifice the space that you need. From taking the kids to different activities to just having enough room to pack up items of different shapes and sizes, you’ll get versatility with the 2024 Prologue since it is an SUV.

When Will the Honda Prologue Be Released?

While there is no set date yet for its release, we anticipate the Honda Prologue to be well worth the wait for our drivers around Vista, Irvine, West Covina, and Cerritos, CA.

Just contact us at Norm Reeves Superstore to get the latest information on the 2024 Honda Prologue and to learn when you can expect it to arrive at our dealership.

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