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What Makes An Acquisition Opportunity Desirable?

We are interested in single-point and group-platform acquisitions in select markets. We believe we are the best owner of mass-market, high volume, high-profit potential franchises primarily located in or near major metropolitan areas based upon our history of success.

Below is a summary of the markets, brands, and operating profile of the stores we’re most interested in acquiring.

Growth Locations

CAR Corporate Growth Map

Brands We’re Interested In


Target Monthly Operating Potential


Per Month

Single-Point Franchise

Franchise Platform

Number of Stores13+
New Unit Volume250+750+
Used Unit Volume150+500+
CP RO Count1,500+5,000+
Annual Net Profit$3M+$10M+

Other Valuable Characteristics


Why We Think We’re Your Ideal Buyer



We have successfully completed over 20 separate buy/sell agreements since 1989; you can have confidence in a confidential, smooth and transparent transaction with us.


Factories like to partner with award-winning, high-performing operators like us; your employees and customers will be in good hands.


We know what kind of performance we can expect to generate and we know what that’s worth; you can be assured of a fair price in exchange for your assets.


Family Ownership

Our reputation means everything to us and we can empathize with what your reputation means to you; we will respect your needs and avoid costly interruptions and distractions to your business prior to closing.


We have the confidence of our lenders and ample cash reserves; we can help you exit in a single transaction, whether you have one store or a platform to sell.

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We’d like to get to know you and your opportunity better

We’re excited to learn more about your business. To discuss a potential transaction, you can get in touch with us using the form below. These messages go directly to our Chairman and CEO and, whether an NDA is on file or not, you can always trust we will handle these discussions with candor and confidentiality.

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