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CAR University

Employee Development Courses Led by Industry Professionals

Continuous improvement, creativity, and innovation will drive our growth and success. At Norm Reeves, we want every employee to reach their full potential.

We cultivate this culture of continuous improvement by offering free courses for our team members. Built from decades of tested principles, our courses will help you develop lasting relationships with customers and contribute to the culture of excellence at Norm Reeves.

Sales Courses

  • CU-Sales 101: Take Ownership of the Guest Experience
  • CU-Sales 102: Taking Ownership of the Sales Process
  • CU-Sales 103: Professional Sales Phraseology
  • CU-Sales 104: Negotiation Process & Principles

Communication Courses

  • CU-Sales 201: Phone Phraseology for Incoming Calls
  • CU-Sales 202: Phone Phraseology to Answer Objections
  • CU-Sales 203: Phone Phraseology for Unsold Customers
  • CU-Sales 301: Phraseology to Answer Objections
  • CU-Sales 302: Lease Presentation and Phraseology

Service Courses

  • CU-Service Advisor 101: Maximizing Ownership Experience
  • CU-Service Advisor 102: Phraseology to Answer Objections

General Courses

  • CU-General 101: Receptionist Phone Phraseology for Incoming Calls
  • CU-General 102: Taking Ownership of the Guest Experience

Leadership Courses

  • CU-Management 101: Management Essentials
  • CU-Management 102: How to Find, Recruit, and Hire the Right Team
  • CU-Management 103: Positive Performance Coaching
  • CU-Management 104: The Steps of Progressive Discipline
  • CU-Management 105: “Sales 100” for Sales Managers

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