Internet Direct Pricing

Our goal is to save you time and money.

What is Internet Direct Pricing? Modern used car shopping is a data intensive business. Gone are the bad old days of seeing how much a customer would pay for the car on the lot. Today, software and search algorithms help us survey the entire available used car market to price our vehicles based upon what they’re worth, considering supply and demand.

Acquiring our Used Vehicle Selection

At our Norm Reeves Superstores, we use data intelligence the moment we decide to purchase a vehicle from its previous owner. We’re only looking for vehicles that are highly desirable in the marketplace, those that have blemished histories, or are slow sellers, are sold at auction. The vehicles that make the cut enter our thorough safety, mechanical, and cosmetic reconditioning process to make sure they’re ready to serve the next owner well.

Coming up with a sensible price point

Once we’ve finished reconditioning, how do we decide what price to put on the windshield, or the website? Here data enters the picture again. Our software database searches over 20,000 sources of data at other dealerships, used car lots, and 3rd party sales sources to compare our vehicle to others like it in the market in terms of mileage, location and overall vehicle features and condition. Then, we price the vehicle slightly below the going rate in the marketplace to make the purchasing decision that much easier. This is our Internet Direct Price.

Our customers are smart. We give them the best deal possible

We designed our Internet Direct Pricing used car process with you in mind. You do your research and you know what vehicles are worth in the market, and so do we. We’re interested in saving you time and money to make buying at a Norm Reeves Superstore the most convenient experience possible.