Are Electric Vehicles Safe?


Like many Cerritos, Irvine, and West Covina drivers, you may be mulling a switch to an electric car and you probably have a few questions. For one, are electric vehicles safe? Can you feel secure behind the wheel of an EV near Huntington Beach, San Diego, and Vista, California?

At Norm Reeves Superstore, we have the answers. Electric vehicles are at least as safe—if not safer—as conventional vehicles, and we’re excited to show you why and how!

Pedestrian Accidents

You may be wondering about the likelihood of a pedestrian accident in an electric vehicle. After all, EVs are quieter than their all-gas-powered counterparts. Is there a chance they could be a threat to people walking (or even bicycling) out on the street?

Obviously, there’s no way to remove every danger of a pedestrian accident—but that’s true of all-gas-powered cars too. However, you’ll be happy to hear that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires that all new electric vehicles be fitted with an electronic noise emitter.

These devices, generally mounted behind the front and rear bumpers, emit a sound similar to the internal combustion engines of all-gas-powered vehicles at similar speeds. They are required by law to emit warning sounds when traveling at speeds of less than 18.6 MPH, reducing the chances of accidents based on lack of sound.  

Collision safety

How safe can an electric car be in the event of a collision? Very. Many models in the various EV segments have been given 5-Star Overall Safety Ratings in recent years, indicating a high level of safety in the event of side and frontal crashes as well as rollovers.

Just as importantly, electric vehicles come equipped with the same driver assistance suites as their gas-powered counterparts, meaning you’ll have the tech you need to stay aware on the roads and potentially avoid accidents in the first place.

For instance, every Honda and Toyota car comes standard with some version of their brand’s respective Honda Sensing® or Toyota Safety Sense™ suites.


You may have heard news about vehicle fires in electric vehicles. It’s true that the lithium-ion batteries in EVs are flammable, and if they’re exposed to the wrong sorts of conditions for a long time or if the power cells are damaged, there’s a potential for combustion.

The chances of this happening, though, are minimal. There are millions of lithium-ion battery-powered products on the market today, including laptops and smartphones. The instances of fires have been few and far between even as these products have expanded.

In many ways, EVs are safer than conventional vehicles in this regard. In cases where lithium-ion batteries cause fires, the flames were contained to a small area within the vehicle before they were extinguished.

By contrast, fires caused by gasoline tend to spread throughout the vehicle before they’re put out.

Explore Electric Vehicle Safety With Us

We hope this article answered your questions about safety in electric vehicles! When you want to learn more about the topic and how you can drive as safely as possible, stop by Norm Reeves Superstore and chat with our automotive experts.

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