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Electric Vehicles

In an area that loves the spotlight, the current star of the automobile show is electric vehicles. Known for their efficient design and loved for their exhilarating performance, drivers are making the switch to EVs day by day. As they grow in popularity, we understand the appeal of following suit.

The CAR Group has a variety of family-owned dealerships featuring some of the most exciting electric vehicles for sale in Los Angeles County, California.

The Sudden Rise of Electric Vehicles
The Sudden Rise of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are notably taking over the automobile scene. As the fresh new face in the industry, these models are equipped with some of the latest and greatest in vehicle design.

Before diving into our electric vehicle lineup, we wanted to highlight the benefits of switching to EVs.

  • Convenience: Because these models use electricity rather than gas to run, they need to be charged instead of filled at a pump. This opens the opportunity to charge your vehicle from home, which cuts down on time at the pump and maximizes your time on the go.
  • Cost-Efficient: Speaking of the pump, EVs eliminate the need to buy gas. Paired with their lesser maintenance needs, driving electric helps you save in the long run.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Electric vehicles are well known for lessening the carbon footprint of their drivers. When running errands around the county, you can pat yourself on the back for positively impacting our environment.

There is much more to unpack to grasp every appeal in the switch fully, but we will leave that for you to learn through exploring our lineup for yourself.

Our Electric Vehicle Inventory

When taking a glance at our online inventory, you can filter your search to showcase the electric vehicles available at our different dealerships around the area. From here, you can further narrow your pool to feature models with the trims and specs you love.

Our online inventory page gives you the full picture of your options with our team. As new vehicles filter into our roster daily, there is an EV to be found for any driver’s personality.

Some of the intriguing EVs to expect on our inventory page include:

  • Hyundai IONIQ 6
  • Toyota bZ4X
  • Volkswagen ID.4

If one of our electric vehicles stands out, you can schedule a test drive or start the financing process online!

Maintaining Your Electric Vehicle

While electric vehicles require fewer routine maintenance appointments than gas-powered rides, when the time comes to have your EV serviced, our team is ready to assist.

Our dealerships each have their own service center staffed with specialized technicians and equipped with the genuine parts their vehicles were designed to be serviced with. From a quick oil change to an unexpected part replacement, a solution can be found with one of our service teams.

Check out our service page to explore our different dealerships. You can schedule a service appointment directly online or even purchase OEM parts and accessories for yourself.

Maintaining Your Electric Vehicle

Life in Los Angeles County CA

Los Angeles County, California, is home to dreamers. From aspiring actors to prosperous business workers, there is success to be had across the area. Centered by the City of Angels, LA County is filled with adventure and opportunity.

Residents and tourists alike enjoy exploring the area, from the Hollywood Strip to the beautiful beaches. An ideal day around the county entails lunch at Duke’s Malibu, overlooking the beautiful Malibu waves. Come sunset, you can enjoy the view overlooking Santa Monica Pier, and then follow the iconic Santa Monica Blvd. to West Hollywood for exciting nightlife.

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