What Are
the Different Types of Hybrids?

Is it finally time to make your daily drive more fuel efficient? Whether you want to save on fuel costs or save the environment, a hybrid car may be the answer. Like other Cerritos, Irvine, and West Covina drivers, you may be wondering: What are the types of hybrids?

There are three major types of hybrid vehicles available: mild hybrid, full hybrid, and plug-in hybrid. At Norm Reeves Superstore, we’ll cover them all so Huntington Beach, San Diego, and Vista, California, drivers know what they’re getting when they shop for each!

What Are the Different Types of HybridsMild Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MHEV)

The mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) is having something of a renaissance. Many vehicles use MHEV powertrains without advertising them as such, so it’s possible you’ve driven a mild hybrid vehicle without knowing it!

Of all the types of hybrid vehicles, the mild hybrids are most reliant on their internal combustion engines. The engine does most of the work, but the electric motor can kick in during cruising, coasting, or braking. It provides the initial burst of energy to get you off the starting line, after which the engine and motor work together to help you accelerate.

A MHEV may be a bit more fuel efficient than an all-gasoline vehicle, but it isn’t as economical as the next hybrid on our list, the full hybrid electric vehicle.

Full Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)

When you think “hybrid,” the full hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is probably what comes to mind. They have the same electrical components as a mild hybrid, yet the motors and batteries are stronger. They take over more of the work from the internal combustion engine.

Like mild hybrids, full hybrids cannot be charged from an external power source. Rather, they recharge from the engine and the power from the regenerative braking process. You’ll find them more fuel efficient than mild hybrids overall, but less so than plug-in hybrids.

What Are the Different Types of HybridsPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)

The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) takes the hybrid concept one step further. All other hybrid vehicles charge their batteries internally. A plug-in hybrid can be charged from an external source, giving it greater electric-only range and overall fuel economy.

Keep in mind that electric-only range will differ depending on the model. Some can only handle a handful of miles before the gasoline engine kicks in, while others can cover a 50-mile commute comfortably on pure electric power.

In many ways, plug-in hybrids are the best of both worlds (electric vehicles and internal combustion vehicles). The electric-only range can cover short commutes or trips to the grocery store, so you don’t dip into your gasoline reserves. On longer drives, though, you won’t have range anxiety with your internal combustion safety net!

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With a range of hybrid cars available at our many area locations, we want our Cerritos, Irvine, West Covina, Huntington Beach, San Diego, and Vista, CA, readers to know they have options.

Want to learn more about the types of hybrids available on the market today? Drop us a line, and we’ll answer all your questions today!

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